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Financial statements and business valuations are the means by which professionals view the proven success of a business. What your business has done, what your business is doing, and what it is worth are the results of the efforts of you, your employees, and your advisers. GunnChamberlain’s staff of qualified professionals are able to perform financial statement audits, reviews, and compilations as well as business valuations, internal control reviews, and other financial analyses and custom consultative services.

ATTESTATION is at the heart of what Certified Public Accountants do and our CPAs specialize in these functions to help business owners manage by-the-numbers, satisfy bank and regulatory reporting requirements, and internal assurance purposes, including fraud and theft detection.

GunnChamberlain’s team of professionals seek to provide real-time financial data that is not only quantifiable, but also makes sense to you, the business owner.  We also employ the use of outside professionals to provide additional feedback ensuring that the content of any ATTESTATION engagement is reviewed on multiple levels, further providing assurance that the work we perform and endorse is completely accurate, reliable, and nuanced for the appropriate industry, business size, and/or specific situation.

Any ATTESTATION engagement, no matter its size, is a team effort between GunnChamberlain, outside experts and professionals, and the client.