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COMPLIANCE is a revolutionary and comprehensive approach to tax planning, tax preparation, and tax filing. At GunnChamberlain, we see our job as more than just preparing a tax return and sending a client on their way. It’s about looking at a client’s entire set of regulatory requirements, examining every possible avenue for compliance, and finding the most advantageous and efficient positions possible.
Before preparing a single tax return or filling out a single form, GunnChamberlain’s professionals perform extensive tax planning with every client. It’s not simply about eliminating surprises in April. It’s about examining the latest tax law changes and proposed laws, looking at new and creative strategies, and looking forward at each client’s individual situation to proactively guide clients toward better financial outcomes. Whether you own your own business, are looking toward ways to protect your financial assets in retirement, are planning to send the kids to college, and everything in between, we focus on helping our clients get the maximum benefit in an ever-changing regulatory world.

Our firm has a dedicated team of tax professionals who offer the following tax preparation services:

  • Personal Tax Returns (Form 1040 and state and local equivalents);
  • Corporate Returns (Form 1120, 1120S, 1065, and state and local equivalents);
  • Estate, Trust, and Gift Returns (Form 1041, 706, state and local equivalents, etc.);
  • Association, Not-For-Profit, and Foundation Returns (Form 990, state and local equivalents, etc.);
  • IC-DISC returns;
  • Returns for payroll, sales, and personal property tax;
  • Returns as required for special situations of all varieties.

We also specialize in representation before the Internal Revenue Service and other regulatory authorities. Our team includes Certified Public Accountants and Enrolled Agents who have extensive experience working with the IRS, Taxpayer Advocate Service, and state authorities in the area of audit representation and tax resolution.