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2010 Quickbooks for Mac – 4 out of 5 I’s

By February 2, 2010Businesses

Considering making the switch from Windows to Mac especially with the release of the new I-pad.  Wondering if your small business accounting through Quickbooks will remain the same. Fear not, recent developments with Quickbooks for Mac are making this transition easier than ever.

Quickbooks for Mac is making huge strides in functionality to catch up with its Windows brethren.  The new 2010 version is packed full of improved features from previous versions designed to bridge the gap that existed with previous accounting software packages.  Quickbooks has improved the ability to create estimates, invoices and purchase orders; track employee time and job costs; the company snapshot; customer, vendor & transaction centers; the report center; the email function; the ability to synchronize contacts with address book; reminders to iCal; and the product support through the Live Community.

With all the improvements made what else can the overworked undertrained in accounting small business owner want?  We think the number one critical new feature for 2010 that makes Quickbooks for Mac a viable system is the ability to accept debit and credit cards.  Previous version of Quickbooks Mac did not allow this function which made accepting customer payments a two step process.  This prevented us from recommending this product which wasted precious time which could have been used growing your business.

The modern small business owner must systematize and streamline to succeed and the new features and improvements allows the 2010 Quickbooks for Mac to bridge the gap between great technology and streamlined accounting.  We give it 4 out of 5 I’s!

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