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We hope 2018 is off to a tremendous start for your family and you! At the request of many clients, we’ve decided to establish two new services for the 2017 tax season:


The first pertains to the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. While we can all agree that there was no lack of news coverage, poor facts from various sources resulted in a great deal of misinformation regarding the actual contents of the Act. Our job is to help you, our clients, to navigate and utilize these tax laws to your best after-tax economic benefit.

To do so, we’d like to offer you the opportunity to do some early tax planning in consideration of the new tax laws. When preparing your 2017 tax return, we can compare your 2017 tax liability to a 2018 tax liability, provided the same facts and circumstances apply. This will allow us to review the outcome with you, and offer suggestions for improving your tax position once our analysis is complete. Our fee for this service, if performed while we’re preparing your 2017 return, will be $250. If you’d like to take advantage of this service, please let your tax preparer know.


In addition to this, we want our clients to keep tax identity theft at the forefront of their mind. Tax identity theft is the filing of false or fraudulent tax returns using stolen identities, and it affects thousands of taxpayers every year.  To help protect our clients from this growing method of crime, we are expanding our services.

With our IRS Transcript Monitoring Service, we can monitor your tax identity and notify you of any changes in your tax record.  We will also receive notice if your return is selected for examination, allowing us to help promptly resolve issues.  Our fee for this service will be $250 billed annually.  If you’d like to take advantage of this service, please fill out this brief questionnaire:


Transcript Monitoring Service


As always, our goal is to keep you informed, and to help point you in the right direction towards financial freedom. We look forward to meeting with you and going over your tax situation very soon.

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