U.S. Economic Outlook: First quarter of 2019

Each quarter, we offer insights and a summary of events relevant to the U.S. economy. Enjoy this free webinar from the first quarter of 2019. Please contact us if you would like to receive notifications for future economic updates.


2018 Economic Update Webinar : Third Quarter

2018 Economic Update Webinar : Third Quarter We appreciate you joining us. The presentation is another in our continuing efforts to be more than just a CPA firm. We’re having great participation, got a very diverse, believe it or not, international group on our webinar today. Obviously, there’s considerable interest and to some degree concern …


2018 Economic Update Webinar : Second Quarter

2018 Economic Update Webinar : Second Quarter Thank you so much for joining us. And I want to welcome each and every one of you. We appreciate you joining us today. The presentation today is another in our continuing efforts to be more than just a CPA firm. We’re having great participation. We’ve got a …


2017 Economic & Investment Outlook

  At the start of each year, we like to take a closer look at what happened over the last twelve months. This helps us gain a better perspective of our economic standing, as well as a clearer view of what’s to come in 2017. Let’s refer back to the total returns for 2016:   …


The NYSE Shut Down… and It Was a Big Non-Event

Late this morning, the NYSE shut down due to an IT malfunction. The SEC, FBI, the Treasury Department, and the White House have released statements indicating that this was not an act of cyber terrorism. All of the agencies continue to monitor the situation. The glitch was solely due to an internal malfunction of the …


‘Tis the Season

We’re only partway through January, but W-2s, 1099s, and other tax documents are already starting to pour in. Tax season is underway. Are you ready? Chances are, you are more ready than the IRS. Due to Congress’ passage of last-minute tax law, the IRS has delayed the official opening of tax season. E-filing will become available January …


Senate Does Its Job, Gives Americans Complete Tax Extenders Law for 2014

OK, so maybe they’re eleven months late, but late Tuesday, the Senate passed H.R. 5771, the appropriately-named Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014, which provides numerous tax extenders.  While the bill must still be signed by President Obama, a veto is not expected; the bill passed the Senate 76-16. Over fifty tax provisions designed to …


2014 Small Business Healthcare Changes

2014 is a big year for changes in the health insurance world.  The Affordable Care Act was set up to implement slowly over time and 2014 will see a lot of small business healthcare changes.  Some of those changes will affect the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit.  Currently, the credit is available for companies …


Section 179 Limits and Planning

It’s the end of July.  Do you know where the Section 179 limits renewal is?  As of right now, it sits in limbo.  For the last couple years, companies have been able to use Section 179 expensing as a planning opportunity to write off up to $500,000 in new asset purchases rather than depreciating them …


Hobby Lobby Decision

On June 30, 2014, the Supreme Court offered their Hobby Lobby decision related to the Affordable Care Act.  In their decision, they limited the scope of their findings to closely held corporations.  This may cause some confusion over who the ruling covers and who it affects. The Hobby Lobby case focused on the mandate in …

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