GunnChamberlain is a National Best Place to Work

We’re thrilled to announce that our firm has been recognized by Accounting Today as one of the best accounting firms to work for in the country! Firms were evaluated on their workplace policies, practices, philosophy, systems, and demographics. Our employees also completed a survey to measure their experience. All these measures were combined to create …


Congratulations to Northeast Florida’s Fast 50!

We were proud to sponsor the Jacksonville Business Journal’s 2019 Fast 50 awards, recognizing the area’s 50 fastest-growing private companies, because of the big opportunity to honor the movers and shakers in our business community. The top 50 companies were ranked based on financial growth and cover a wide range of industries. Congratulations to: Conser …


Small businesses and audits

It’s a well-known truth that running a small business is considered an audit risk for taxpayers. Auditors have found that self-employed people often claim too many deductions and write off expenses that aren’t strictly related to business purposes. Even if you’re keeping everything on the up and up, you’re lumped in with all the other …


Audit risks for individual taxpayers

The IRS’ audit rate on individual income tax returns was 0.59% last year, which represents the lowest rate in the past 17 years. Households in all tax brackets saw a decline in audit rates, except the $50,000-$75,000 bracket, which experienced a 0.06% increase. Overall, the low audit risk sounds like good news for taxpayers, but …


Are you still managing your own small business books?

I heard a staggering statistic at last week’s Xerocon conference: 50% of small businesses fail without a financial advisor to help them understand their books. I looked deeper into the research and found another surprising statistic from Xero’s Make or Break survey of small businesses. Of 2,000 small business owners whose businesses failed, 65% of …


Are your tax withholdings accurate?

If your 2018 tax return was a doozy, you may want to consider making some changes to your tax withholdings—after all, changes are in the air at the IRS. One of the most common reasons that many taxpayers had smaller refunds (or unexpectedly owed tax) for 2018 were errors in the IRS’ withholding tables. In …

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