Happy Anniversary Marshall Gunn!

Marshall Gunn first launched his accounting firm 41 years ago. Over the ensuing years, he went on to help countless people with taxes, financial planning, and strategic advice while maintaining high standards for customer care and personalized attention. Marshall merged with fellow CPA firm Chamberlain & Associates in 2012 and went on to expand their …


Best accounting firm for women to build a career

Our firm was recently recognized by Accounting Today as the #2 best small accounting firm to work for across the country, which was a huge honor for all of us. As we were going through the evaluation process for this recognition, we weren’t aware that Accounting Today was also looking into—and ranking—other factors that make …


How secure is your retirement plan?

Let’s be honest: nothing in life is a given (except for death and taxes, of course). Planning for retirement includes elements of art and science, and a qualified financial advisor can be a figurative goldmine when it comes to making the right decisions for your retirement plan. Here are some of the common misconceptions about …


Your guide to college savings plans

Student loan debt continues to be a pressing problem for millions of Americans—and not just the millennial generation. Millennials have made headlines in recent years for record debt crippling their ambitions to buy homes, start families, and even move out of their parents’ homes. A less-talked-about issue (but no less pressing) is the parents and …

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