How secure is your retirement plan?

Let’s be honest: nothing in life is a given (except for death and taxes, of course). Planning for retirement includes elements of art and science, and a qualified financial advisor can be a figurative goldmine when it comes to making the right decisions for your retirement plan. Here are some of the common misconceptions about …


Your guide to college savings plans

Student loan debt continues to be a pressing problem for millions of Americans—and not just the millennial generation. Millennials have made headlines in recent years for record debt crippling their ambitions to buy homes, start families, and even move out of their parents’ homes. A less-talked-about issue (but no less pressing) is the parents and …


Congratulations to Northeast Florida’s Fast 50!

We were proud to sponsor the Jacksonville Business Journal’s 2019 Fast 50 awards, recognizing the area’s 50 fastest-growing private companies, because of the big opportunity to honor the movers and shakers in our business community. The top 50 companies were ranked based on financial growth and cover a wide range of industries. Congratulations to: Conser …


Small businesses and audits

It’s a well-known truth that running a small business is considered an audit risk for taxpayers. Auditors have found that self-employed people often claim too many deductions and write off expenses that aren’t strictly related to business purposes. Even if you’re keeping everything on the up and up, you’re lumped in with all the other …

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