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Important Notice to All Employers: Obamacare Has Begun!

If your business has employees, there is a critical change in the law that affects you in a massive way… and it kicks in on October 1, 2013. Notices are due to all employees. Here’s what you need to know. Keep in mind that virtually all employers are subject to this notice requirement. Further, employers must provide …


Florida Corporate Annual Reports Are Due!

April 15th has come and gone, but there are still some very important deadlines to be aware of.  The next one is the deadline for your Florida Corporate Annual Report.  While the deadline may vary depending on your state, Florida’s must be done by May 1st.  The penalty for not timely filing your Corporate Annual …


GunnChamberlain, PL Merger News

In an effort to provide you with the best and most comprehensive services, Chamberlain & Associates, PA has merged with Gunn and Company, PA to form GunnChamberlain, PL.  Our new contact information is as follows: GunnChamberlain, PL 4350 Pablo Professional Court, Suite 200 Jacksonville, FL 32224 p: 904-296-2024   f: 904-296-0054 You can also reach …


Before you make an offer on a Office Condo, know the rules

Do you have your eye on an office condo? Thinking of offering a discounted price due to the current market conditions. You might have an additional hurdle to clear that you didn’t think of. Did you know that many condo associations have a “Right of First Refusal” clause, which has the ability to hand your …