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HITECH 25 Points of Meaningful Use

Last time we wrote about the new provisions in the HITECH Act that could provide medical providers with up to $44,000 in Medicare credits or up to $65,000 in Medicaid credits by switching to electronic medical records (EMR).  In order to qualify for these credits, you need to be able to show that you meet …


HITECH means bonus for tech savy physicians

The HITECH Act passed on February 17th, 2009 could stimulate some medical practices to make changes in the way they do business in 2010. This act allows physicians to qualify for up to $65,000 in Medicaid incentives and $44,000 in Medicare incentives for the adoption an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. In this series of …


Alert – Double Check Your Quickbooks Payroll

Last year Florida passed an Unemployment Compensation Tax rate and wage threshold hike, increasing the taxable wage threshold to $8,500.  What this meant was that payroll software programs were calculating taxes on the first $8,500 that each employee made, instead of just the first $7,000.  Then, partway through the first quarter, Florida repealed portions of …


New Hire Stimulus passed

If you’re getting ready to hire someone whose been unemployed for 53 days, you might want to give it another week.  Congress has passed the HIRE Act giving tax credits to employers who hire people who have been in the unemployment lines for at least two months.  Here are the details: The hiring period is …


UPDATE – Florida Passes Unemployment Tax Relief

Despite the poor economy, Florida employers have been bracing themselves for what seemed like inevitable Unemployment Tax increases.  Rates were set to jump significantly and the taxable wage base per employee was set to rise from $7,000 to $8,500.  But instead, the Florida Legislature has passed unemployment tax relief for employers which will reduce these …


2010 Quickbooks for Mac – 4 out of 5 I’s

Considering making the switch from Windows to Mac especially with the release of the new I-pad.  Wondering if your small business accounting through Quickbooks will remain the same. Fear not, recent developments with Quickbooks for Mac are making this transition easier than ever. Quickbooks for Mac is making huge strides in functionality to catch up …


Quickbooks Online Discounts to be Reduced

After offering a Quickbooks ProAdviser “permanent” 40% discount to clients on their online program rates, Intuit is having second thoughts.  The Quickbooks online discount is soon to change. Quickbooks Online has become a great program that provides portability and a connection between clients and pro-active accounting firms like ours.  The flexibility of the online program, familiarity of the Quickbooks …


Payroll Reporting Issues, Part 1

We wrote last year about some of the payroll reporting issues you can run into switching from one payroll provider to another.  Here we want to look indepth at some things your current payroll service provider may not know about your situation.  This is part one in a short series regarding what things you should …


Unemployment Tax Increase Tough on Small Businesses

While business owners are scraping together money to grow and hire new employees, Florida is among many of the states increasing payroll taxes to cover the unemployed.  There could be an unemployment tax increase of 1000% for some companies. State unemployment taxes have been on the first $7,000 of each individual’s wages and had recently …


Alert: 2010 Standard Mileage Rates Announced

2010 standard mileage rates for reimbursement are dropping in 2010.  The IRS claims a down economy and lower oil prices in 2010 have kept fuel prices relatively low this past year.  However, most Americans are still feeling a pinch in their wallet due to lower overall household income which started declining in the 4th quarter …

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