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Pros and Cons of Quickbooks Online

Unless you have a dedicated accounting staff with their own designated office space who handle the finances of your business with little or no input from you, the advantages of the Quickbooks Online program can be numerous.  The ability to outsource your accounting function while maintaining onsite access is every business owners dream.  However, despite …


Simplified Per Diem Deductions Increased

For those who travel for their job, the solution to your shoebox full of receipts just got a little sweeter.  The IRS allows standard reimbursement amounts for travel, Per Diem, to simplify record keeping for businesses, and in 2009 these Per Diem deductions increased. As of October 1, the IRS is increasing the amount businesses …


Work Opportunity Tax Credit Basics

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit is a tax credit that you can receive for hiring workers belonging to targeted groups.  These groups include veterans, ex-felons, food stamp recipients, social security income recipients, vocational rehabilitation referrals, summer youth employees, disconnected youth, long-term family assistance recipients, IV-A recipients, and designated community residents.  Please contact me if you …


Comprehensive Guide to Pastor Payroll

After years of studying Scripture, Hebrew, Greek, history, theology, and a wide variety of other spiritual subjects, clergy members sometimes find that they could have used a business tax course or two as well.  This is especially true for smaller ministries. Fortunately, the IRS offers guidance in Publication 517 on complicated pastor payroll issues such …


Starting or Canceling a Payroll Service

Signing up with a payroll service is a great way to facilitate the sometimes complicated payroll process with a minimum exposure to IRS and state penalties.  Payroll companies are able to track your payroll in real-time, help with any audits, and provide accurate and up to date records to you and your accountant as needed. …

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