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Tax Court Rules on Home Office

Kiplinger is reporting that the Tax Court has made a new ruling on the personal use of a home office.  Don’t get too excited, this ruling says more about how restrictive the IRS is on home office rules than it does about any new leniency. For the case in question, the tax filer had a …


Standalone Health Reimbursement Arrangements Fail to Comply with Obamacare for Employee Coverage

A Health Reimbursement Arrangement is an account funded by an employer to reimburse employees for medical care expenses.  In the past, these arrangements have also been available to reimburse employees for purchasing their own private health insurance in lieu of having a company plan.  In light of Obamacare, an important question arises: Does an Employer Funded Health Reimbursement …


IRS Publications Ruled Unreliable

If you think publications printed by the IRS offering tax guidance are a final authority, think again.  In a recent tax court ruling, the judge reinforced that the “plain language” of the law trumps IRS proposed regulations or publications (Bobrow).  Basically, IRS Publications, which provide specific tax instructions for various situations, have been ruled unreliable. …


Dear Donald Rumsfeld

MarketWatch is reporting this morning that former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has sent his annual letter to the Internal Revenue Service stating that he does not know whether his return or the payments he made are in fact accurate.  I certainly understand where Mr. Rumsfeld is coming from.  I definitely agree with him that …


Tax Tips Tuesday 2/4/14

On February 4, 2014, Marshall Gunn, CPA sat with Casey Black DeSantis and Charlene Shirk for the first installment of this year’s Tax Tips Tuesdays with First Coast Living on Jacksonville’s First Coast News station.  Each week he will be providing tax recommendations and an update on everything IRS with hosts of First Coast Living.  …


Who is MyRA and why is Everyone Talking about Her?

In his recent State of the Union Address, President Obama introduced America to MyRA (or, “My Retirement Account”) for people who lack employer-sponsored retirement plans. He signed a presidential memorandum in Pennsylvania to make America’s new Savings Sweetheart official. The concept behind a MyRA is relatively simple: Taxpayers can sock away up to $15,000 into …


ACA Update Affects QuickBooks Users

The recent ACA update is poised to affect QuickBooks users in several ways. If you are one of many QuickBooks users who runs payroll through QuickBooks, there are some additional steps you may need to take to ensure your payroll is operating correctly.  First, some background: The Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, …


Sonny Martin Joins the GunnChamberlain Team

It is a new year and GunnChamberlain, PL is expanding once again!  In December, Sonny Martin joined the GunnChamberlain team, bringing his staff as well.  Mr. Martin is a long time friend and former partner of Marshall Gunn and brings 35 years of public accounting experience to the firm.  Together, the team of Marshall Gunn, …


Web Organizers Are Available

Starting January 14th, our client web organizers are available for the 2013 tax year!  If you would like the online version of your organizer emailed to you, please contact us at  Our online web organizer provides information based on your prior year’s tax return to help you complete this year’s return.  There is also …


Tax Filing Season Delayed to January 31

A 16-day shutdown of the government in October has resulted in the IRS delaying the tax filing season to January 31.  This will create some of the same headaches taxpayers and preparers endured last year when a last minute fiscal cliff deal delayed the opening of tax season.  The people it will hurt the most …

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