As the coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the economy, there’s a lot of information flying around. We’ve weeded out the speculation to help you understand the facts related to legislation and economics.

Information for Individuals and Families


The CARES Act was signed by the President of the United States on March 27. We’ve summarized the provisions that impact individual taxpayers on our blog. Read more.

Stimulus Information

  • College students facing financial challenges may be eligible for relief grants via the financial aid offices of their schools. Learn more.
  • The IRS has opened its promised portal allowing taxpayers to check the status of their stimulus checks and enter banking information if it’s needed. Click here to access it; note that load times may be slow as traffic peaks.
  • The AICPA has created a spreadsheet you can use to calculate your stimulus payment under the CARES Act. Click here to download your copy.

Florida Reemployment Assistance

Coronavirus and the Economy: How to be proactive in an economic crisis

As financial planners who have weathered many financial crises over the past 41 years, we strongly encourage you to keep a long-range view of your affairs. Read more.

Investing in Turbulent Times

That sudden barrage of media notifications that the market is “crashing” makes it seem like panic is the only option. Read more.

Information for Businesses

Small Business Loans and Tax Relief Information

There are a variety of options available to help businesses cover their expenses and support their workers during this time. The CARES Act has introduced aggressive provisions for small business relief. Read more.
We are helping clients to compile and complete the necessary paperwork to various loan and relief programs. Read more.

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans

Did you receive a Payroll Protection Program loan? Review our guide to ensuring you’re eligible for loan forgiveness. Read more.

Paid leave during COVID-19: What employers need to know

Regulations and federal guidelines are changing, sometimes by the hour, and it’s critical for employers to be informed of the options for paid leave during COVID-19. Read more.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act: What businesses need to know

While this situation continues to evolve and we expect more to come, there are some key provisions for which business owners should be making adjustments now. Read more.

Florida Department of Revenue Taxpayer Information

Certain filing deadlines for Florida businesses, including sales and use taxes, that are adversely affected have been delayed.

U.S. Department of Labor Required Posting

Follow the link to download a poster that explains your employees’ rights related to paid sick leave and expanded FMLA. Download now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Access our FAQs page to view the answers to common questions related to coronavirus relief.