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Fiscal Cliff Tax Webinar

Congress has acted to avert the Fiscal Cliff by passing the American Taxpayer Relief Act, but the result is a tax increase for nearly 80% of all Americans and a confusing mess of tax brackets for income, investment income, capital gain and dividend income, in addition to complications due to new limits and phase outs on itemized deductions and exemptions.  The result is a tangled and complicated tax mess for 2013.  Of course, where there is complicated mess there is room for some great tax planning and we’re hosting a Fiscal Cliff Tax Webinar to help!  Here is a great way to start the new tax year:

We will be presenting a Tax Update webinar on Tuesday, January 8th at 10:00am

Hear from some of our professionals at GunnChamberlain, PL about how these changes will affect you.

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We will be discussing the new tax brackets for the various types of income, Obamacare surtaxes, limits on itemized deductions, phase outs for exemptions, Estate Tax, Alternative Minimum Tax, extended credits and deductions, depreciation in 2013, and some of the more frivolous measures that went into the deal such as the Hollywood and Nascar tax loopholes.  We will also have copies of this online webinar available at a later date in case this time doesn’t work for you.

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