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Florida Re-Employment Changes for Employers

By October 17, 2013Businesses

You may have noticed a change in the quarterly payroll taxes you file with the State of Florida.  They are no longer for Unemployment Compensation Tax.  They are now for Re-Employment Tax.  That might help you feel a little better about the higher rates you’ve been paying.

FL Form RT-6

Florida Form UCT… er… RT-6

Fortunately, the State is also interested in helping make the process of disputing Re-Employment claims easier for employers.  The Department of Economic Opportunity is using a new online system to process Re-Employment Tax appeals.  You can now submit your appeal online at  Many employers have received notice of this new system in the mail.

This online system will allow you to respond to inquiries, file protests and appeals, and maintain your account.  Often times Re-Employment claims are incorrectly filed against employers by individuals who voluntarily leave, sub-contractors whose services are discontinued, or others who are not eligible to receive Re-Employment benefits.  In the past, resolving these disputes involved mail correspondence back and forth between the employer and the state.  This system should make it easier to handle these disputes.

Of course, we at GunnChamberlain are always on standby to assist our clients in the event that there are disputes or as issues arise. We continue to keep our clients in compliance with ever-changing employment laws locally, on the state level, and federally. If you have any questions about your own payroll tax situation, feel free to contact us at our offices by phone at (904) 296-2024 or by e-mail at

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