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Florida Sales Tax Holiday

By August 2, 2013Individuals

Starting Friday and going through the weekend of August 2-4, Florida is having a sales tax holiday to get ready for school.  The result is a 7% discount on many items including many electronics.

Items covered include clothing items under $75, school supplies under $15, and many electronic devices under $750.  Electronic devices include computers, e-readers, tablets, and many of the ancillary equipment.  Excluded are cell phones, video game consoles, digital media receivers, and other recreational devices.

There are also some restrictions on clothing and school items.  Sports equipment, sunglasses and other recreational items are excluded.  Personally, we feel you should get some sort of discount for buying ice skates in Florida in August… but those also are excluded from the sales tax holiday.  For school supplies books, printer paper, masking tape, stapler and staples are still taxable.

Another limitation is that coupons cannot be used to force an item’s value to dip below the price limits.  In other words, a $5 off coupon on an $80 pair of jeans won’t make that pair eligible for the sales tax holiday.  On the upside, many retailers are lowering prices to help bring in the crowds.  Wal-Mart plans on selling many school supplies for $1 each and Staples will be selling some items for as little as a penny.

Happy shopping, Florida!

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