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House Votes To Defund Health Bill

By February 18, 2011Businesses

When it comes to the health bill, taxpayers may have nothing to fear from the mandate to buy insurance in last year’s healthcare legislation.  Unless IRS agents want to work for free, individuals and businesses may end up having no need to purchase or report health insurance when the insurance mandate kicks in.  The House of Representatives voted 239-187 to remove funding for the mandate from the Continuing Resolution they are working on for this year’s budget.

While this is good news for many of us, it is bad news for the 1,054 new agents the IRS was preparing to hire to enforce the healthcare laws.  Of course, this is only the House version of the budget.  There will be much wrangling yet to come before we see a final product of the health bill.

We will continue to keep you posted on the potential changes coming out of the budget process.

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