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IRS Offices, Call Centers Closed… Taxpayer Requirements Unaffected

By October 1, 2013January 7th, 2022Businesses, Estates & Trusts, Individuals

The IRS offices and call centers are closed! But don’t get excited yet… it’s not going to be a tax holiday.

If you call the IRS, you’ll hear the following greeting: “Due to the current budget situation, all IRS offices are closed. We will resume normal operations as soon as possible. All tax payment and deadlines remain in effect as normal including the October 15th tax filing deadline for individuals on extension.”

It is extremely important to note that even though the IRS offices are closed at the moment, all taxpayer requirements remain in effect as normal. Taxpayers failing to file or make tax payments as required will face the same consequences as if the IRS offices were officially open. Employees of the IRS that process payments and returns are still at work and penalties and interest will be assessed on returns and/or payments that are not timely filed or paid.

Even though the government may be shut down and the IRS offices are closed, GunnChamberlain will continue to operate normally in order to continue providing services to our clients. (And, no, we will not prorate clients’ tax bills to deduct amounts for services not received from the government during this time. Unfortunately, that’s just not how this works.)

Feel free to contact us in the event that you have any questions regarding how the shutdown affects your situation. You may call our offices at 904-296-2024 or e-mail us at

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