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Prayers for the victims in Austin, TX

By February 19, 2010General News

On February 18th, an angry Joseph Stack set fire to his own home before boarding a small airplane and flying it into one of the IRS buildings in Austin, Texas, killing himself and an IRS employee.  Our prayers go out to the victims in Austin, for the IRS employees who were affected and their families, and for Mr. Stack’s innocent family who had recently moved out of his home.

Joseph Stack predicated his attack with an angry Facebook post speaking out against the IRS, government spending, leaders from both sides of the political spectrum, and “Big Brother”.  Stack had failed in his computer software ventures in both 2001 and 2004 and had struggled with the IRS for a long time over several different issues.  The Austin, TX office is where civil penalty cases and investigations are handled.

The IRS has issued a statement that the building affected does not handle any actual tax processing or refund distribution.  According to the IRS we will not see any disruption in regular tax season processing or services.  Some forms are processed in Austin, such as 1099 forms, but they go to a different building several miles away from where this incident occurred.

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