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Quickbooks 2009 Reprieve

By June 1, 2012Businesses

Intuit, the maker of Quickbooks, has announced that they are postponing the cancellation of payroll services for Quickbooks 2009 customers for one more month, a sort of Quickbooks 2009 reprieve. Initially, Intuit had intended to end support for Quickbooks 2009 at the end of May. Support included payroll and other Intuit add-on features. Instead, they will end services at the end of June.

This gives Quickbooks 2009 customers an additional month to upgrade to a newer version in order to maintain their services and add-ons. Intuit services are important especially for payroll. Without service updates, Quickbooks payroll can have inaccurate tax rates, out of date forms, and other problems that will result in compliance issues and IRS notices.

If you are a Quickbooks 2009 customer, you can upgrade quickly by going to the Intuit website.  In most cases, you can purchase and download the latest version and chat with a sales representative.  We also have Quickbooks Pro-Advisers at Chamberlain & Associates, PA who can help you with the purchase and setup and may be able to help you get discounts.  Another option to consider is switching to Quickbooks Online for better mobility.

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