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Today’s the day! The day our team has anticipated for the last month, as we’ve watched the donation pile grow with each passing day! Today, we were able to load all of those donations into a Uhaul, and send them to down to Orlando to be shipped out to our 40 Families in the Virgin Islands.

All of your efforts, whether it was liking our Facebook Page, sharing our mission, or dropping donations off to our partner locations, we are forever grateful for your contributions!
Because of your efforts, we already have a pile started for our next haul!

Again, we truly thank you for helping us in our mission, and will keep you updated every step of the way!

Our First Haul

27 Boxes Total
10 Boxes of Women’s Clothing
6 Boxes of Men’s Clothing
2 Boxes of Children’s Clothing
2 Boxes of First Aid and Dental Supplies
2 Boxes of Solar Flashlights
1 Box of Kitchen Supplies
4 Boxes of Toys
Total Weight: 597 lbs!

Thank you all!

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