Tax Appointments with COVID Precautions

Working together in a COVID environment has been a learning experience for all of us. Our priority is the safety of everyone involved. To help facilitate this, we offer a variety of methods to transfer your data and deliver your completed tax returns. Examples of the various methods are as follows:

Video tax appointment: Many clients utilized this option last year and found it extremely desirable. Simply deliver the data to us in advance, and within a few days we can schedule an appointment to review the draft of your return.

Traditional tax appointment: Masks are mandatory in our office. We still offer a face-to-face appointment if you prefer one. As we learned last tax season, this option is subject to change based on CDC guidelines and local executive orders.

Software organizer upload: Just as in prior years, you may upload your information using the organizer feature of our tax software.

Secure portal upload: Just as in prior years, you may upload your information using the link to our secure portal. The link is below our email signatures.

Courier service: Just as in prior years, we offer our courier service. Upon your request, we will send our courier to your home or office. Simply insert your data into a sealed envelope, and our courier service will provide door-to-door delivery.

US Postal Service: Once the mainstay of our communication methods, this has become our least desirable option. The safety and security of your data is very important to us. Each year it seems this option continues to decline in reliability and security.

Hand-deliver your data: Drop your data off at your convenience. Simply insert your data into a sealed envelope and personally deliver it to our office.

Regardless of the method you choose, we want to provide outstanding service. Please be courteous to our staff. If you are feeling ill or even slightly symptomatic, please reschedule your meeting.

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