Women & Wealth

Financial Savvy and Success

95% of women will be the financial decision-maker for their families at some point in their lives, yet financial products and services often ignore women’s unique needs. As a woman, it is important to know when to start investing, how to plan for the future, and the importance of protecting those assets.

Women & Wealth video series addresses how to manage your long-term financial plans:

  • How women’s financial needs differ from men’s
  • Planning and saving for retirement, education, and your estate
  • Protecting what you have
  • Investing to grow your wealth

Watch all of the Women & Wealth videos below, and check out the free downloads to help you put the strategies from each video into action.

How Women’s Financial Needs Differ From Men’s

Welcome to the Women & Wealth video series! In this first video, we address the gender gap and some things women can do to ensure they’re planning appropriately for a solid financial future.

Where Do You Want to Be?

Where do you want to be for the rest of your life? In this Women & Wealth video session, we talk about planning and saving for retirement, education, and your estate.

Protecting What You Have

Protecting yourself and your assets with insurance is yet another important piece of long-term planning, but it can also be incredibly confusing. In this session, we talk about risk management and the various types of insurance.

Investing to Grow Your Wealth

Investing your hard-earned money can be an incredibly intimidating leap to take, and too many people make the mistake of waiting too long to get into the market. In this Women & Wealth video session, we explain the basics of a diversified portfolio and how to invest with a long-term plan.

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